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This privacy notice informs you what to expect when you visit the website of the Royal family of Albania. This in terms of datacollection, processes, sharing of information and storage of your personal data.

What information do we collect on the website? uses cookies to collect data to improve the layout of the website, the content and your user experience.

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Consent of using Cookies uses:

Functional cookies: These files are important to guarantee a good experience while visiting the website.

Anonymous cookies: These files allow us to identify recurrent visitors, what pages are visited and when the website is opened. This is important to create content that has value to the publics interest.

Tracking cookies: This allows us to track if you have visited related websites like the Queen Geraldine foundation.

Site improvement cookies: These cookies allow us to test different versions of a webpage to see what version is suited best for you as a visitor.

Your data

For security purposes, your data will be processed by a security officer to ensure the safety of the Royal household at all times. You have the right to see, request of modification and amendment of your data at all times by sending an e-mail to the contact e-mail address of this website.

Deleting data can be requested but will be evaluated by the security officer

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Content modification

The content of this website can be modified at any time without affecting the cookie policy.

3rd party Cookies

It is possible that certain links on the website will install Cookies (example: Youtube). This website is not liable for any cookies installed from 3rd parties.

Cookie policy amendments

It is possible that the Cookie policy changes it’s content, please check this page to receive the latest news regarding our Cookie policy.