A Road Trip to Mat

90 years of the Monarchy
Official Announcement

A Road Trip to Mat

The Queen Geraldine Foundation partners up with Arber Hajdari and his team to help poor families in Mat, The Royal Couple help spread Christmas Joy in Bruc and Burgajeti

A Day in Mat

It has now become a tradition for the Queen Geraldine Foundation to spread the festive joy of giving each end of year. This year Prince Leka and I visited the village Bruç and joined the festivities organized by the schools talented pupils, who greeted us with traditional music, poems and dancing. It is a true blessing to celebrate with them, to see them full of love, happiness and youthful energy... later we stoped by the school in Burgajet, were Pastor Ylli Doci welcomed us to join him with his gift giving initiative. But this year we were not alone, we invited our friend, Arber, from the foundation “A different weekend” who join our celebrations-full heartedly. Then we visited some families of the surrounding villages, where the poverty and the reality of migration were too harsh to describe in words ... Arber and his activists started distributing aid to help give these families and provide a little relief with food and blankets for the New Year. It was shocking to see their "homes" without a roof and no windows ... As I was overwhelmed by tears in the eyes of Lume, who with less than $20 a month had to cope with her husband, and two disabled boys and youngest child left in the cold, I thought of all the kids who rejoiced with their New Years gifts and toys, what will await them the next day! This is not the only suffering family ... Can we change their reality? Only if we are united and all give a little more love and care shall we be able to improve their great pain!

HRH Princess Elia Zogu