90 years of the Monarchy

Official Announcement

90 years of the Monarchy

On the occasion of the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the Albanian Monarchy, The Crown Prince met with friends, supporters and dignitaries to commemorate the September 1st celebrations.

On the First of September 1928, at 9:15 am the Albania National Assembly declared Albania a democratic, parliamentary and hereditary Monarchy, as to the Constitution.

His Royal Highness welcomed friends and supporters to the Royal Residence in commemoration of the 1st of September celebrations to remember and respect the Founding of the Albanian Kingdom.

This event is the first of many different activities planned for the next six months, including book publications, symposiums and other cultural engagements.

The first paragraph of the Constitution of 1928 was written with much passion and love towards a Nation which was taking its first infant steps towards emancipation and Freedom:

"Free, proud and confident of a happy future, the Albanian nation, firmly resolved and strong in it's intention to establish for all time national unity and to ensure the peaceful development of the country and the general good of the people, while respecting the historic traditions of the nation as a sure pledge that the rising generation shall enjoy the well-being that is its due on this 1st day of December 1928"