Princess Elia

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8 February 1983 Tirana, Albania

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Elia of the Albanians is the daughter of George Zaharia and Yllka Muji. Her father originates from Kosova of Permeti, a region of Southern Albania. Whilst the Muji family came from Podgorica, Montenegro, latter moving to Albania’s northern City of Shkoder during the Monarchist period.

George Zaharia has 35 years educational experience, while Yllka was given the title of “Maestro of Arts” in recognition of her career in the National theatre. Elia has one Brother, Amos Muji- Zaharia who is a film director.


2007-2010: St. Denis University, Paris 8 (theatre)

2005-2007: Cours Florent (Private acting)

2003-2005: National Conservatory of Bordeaux (art drama)

1998-2002: Arts Lyceum Jordan Misja (Art, Scenography)


2007: Asservies, by Suy GLOVER (

2007: Lady M, produced by Laurie Jesson (

2010: Sacrées mousquetaires, produced by Laurie Jesson (

2011: Teacher at the Marubi Film Academy, Acting

2011: The Crucible, Arthur Miller, Albanian National Theater

2011: Bitter Love, By Carlo Bruni, Albanian National Theater

2012: Forget Love, By Erion Kame, Albanian National Comedy Theatre

2013: Midsummer Night's Dream, W. Shakespeare, Albanian National Theater

2014: The Sunshine Boys, Neil Simon, Albanian National Comedy Theater

2016: The Three Sisters, Anton Chekhov, Albanian National Theater

2016: Toc Toc, Laurent Baffie, Kame Theater

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Following in her mother’s footsteps, Elia is very interested in the film industry, taking part in a number of short script films in France, whilst supporting her brothers projects in Albanian. Her major film projects are listed below:

2016: Main role in « The stars of the future » by Edi Topi

 2008: « Honeymoons » by Goran Paskaljevic

2005: Main role in « Solitaire » by Bahram GUERANFAR

2002: Main role in « Black Flowers » by Melvan Shanaj. (won first prize in the 2004 “independent” film festival in New York


From a young age Elia has shown vocal talent for Albanian Music. From 1999 until 2002 Elia took part in a successful girls group called “Spirit Voice”, giving her the opportunity to take part in concerts throughout the Albanian region, including war torn Kosova, where the group was very active in supporting the humanitarian aid activities.

 Spirit Voice was recognised with a number of prestigious National festival awards and remained the best group until Elia left to France to continue her studies. In 2008 Elia returned to the hit boards as a solo artist with the song “October 31”, where she won best female artist video-fest Pristine, Kosova.

Elia Zaharia


Albanian, French, English, Italian


Art, Music, Theatre, Reading and Swimming