Skender Zogu

Skender Zogu, Is the first cousin of HM King Leka of the Albanians. He holds the highest honor of the order of Skenderbej and remains very active in the Albanian Diaspora.

Born on June 3rd 1933 in Davos (Switzerland)

Son of HH.Prince Xhelal Zogu and Faika Minxhalli, He is King Leka I first cousin.

On April the 7th 1939, with a group of Albanian personalities he left Albania for Istanbul (via Skoplié).

Skender Zogu is recognized and respected by the Albanian diaspora for his fight against Communism and his contribution towards the return of the Monarchy in Albania. Skender is currently the head Senator within the Legality Party, and has been very active in supporting this party with its political ambitions.

He has also been very involved in charity events whilst been very active in the early years of the return of democracy in Albania as a democratic activist. In later years he was a organizer of the diaspora in support of the Kosova liberation Army, and continues his support for the recognition process of Kosovas independence.


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He currently resides in Chantilly, France.