The Mission

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The purpose of the Foundation is humanitarian charity, non-profit, non-political, which means:
We provide humanitarian support to families in poverty, orphans and children of all social strata of the population in need.
The design and implementation of projects for the protection of all vulnerable social groups, schools and hospitals, families in poverty, infant children, orphaned children and the elderly.
Providing hot food and free delivery for orphans and poor families in need, through the opening and management in which meals are prepared, consumed or distributed.
Development of promotional activities to disseminate contemporary ideas for the protection of human rights, representing the interests of all social groups.


Conducting educational and informative nature activities, drop-out prevention; incentives for education and the fight against illiteracy, vocational training for young people of other age groups; social and educational activities for children and awareness to the risk of trafficking.
Provision and distribution of aid such as: clothing, food, medicine, household appliances, tools and other items necessary for the daily life of any family or insitution, such as schools and hospitals.
Development and various training courses for the spread of organizational and project management skills.