Reconstruction of a special needs children's center in the city of Shkodra.


The Queen Geraldine Foundation has successfully inaugurated the reconstruction work at "The Shkodra children's Center".  The foundation was able to complete the full reconstruction of the hydro sanitary system, including four bathrooms and all specialized equipment.

In phase two of the project: The reconstruction process focused on the kitchen areas and the dining halls, with a full overhaul which included  re-plastering and painting of the interior. The installment of the proper safety measures and gas installations, new ovens and other kitchen utilities. The full refurbishment of tables, chairs and other furniture respectively in the dinning hall. 

The center looks after 50 resident children and 50 day boarders, giving specialized services to 100 disabled children daily. The children need individual and specialized care, which is provided by a trained and devoted staff. 

The President of the foundation, Miss Elia Zaharia, in her speech thanked her sponsors for their help and also recognized the contribution given by the construction companies who worked professionally in the realization of the investment.

The inauguration was also attended and greeted by the newly elected Mayor of Shkodra, Mrs Voltana Ademi, who also supported a joint message of public awareness for children with special needs.


Philanthropy and National dignity

Tedx Prishtina

Miss Zaharia was invited to give a keynote motivation speech on the 29th of May at TEDx Pristine on “Philanthropy and National dignity” as the President of the Queen Geraldine Foundation.

The speech focused of life in rural areas, the importance of community cooperation and unity. She also talked about her own personal motivations in giving to the Albanian society.

29th May 2015

End of Year festivities  at the Burgajet school


The Queen Geraldine foundation organized an end of the year party at the Burgajet School in Mat. His Royal Highness Prince Leka and the President of the foundation Miss Elia Zaharia where accompanied by the Ambassador of Hungary and the Swedish chargé d’affaires. The school organized a special concert in their honor then the Royal Couple and their guests handed out toys and gifts to the kids before sharing a cocktail and enjoying the festive atmosphere. 


The Burgajet School was first build by the Albanian Royal family in the nineteen thirties. Both the Queen mother Sadija and Queen Geraldine gave out gifts traditionally during the end of the year festivities.

15 December 2014

Reconstruction project in the City of Shkodra for the "Center for Children with Disabilities".

The Queen Geraldine foundation has completed its first project in the city of Shkodra for the Center for Children with Disabilities".


This project was made possible by Ambassidor Jean-Marie Musy who generously funded the reconstruction of the sanitary facilities of center.

The Queen Geraldine foundation would like to thank His Excellency for the assistance given to 100 children of the center who until now have lived in inhuman conditions.


1 September 2014

The Restoration of the Zenisht middle school

The Queen Geraldine foundation is most grateful to the State of Kuwait for the assistance given to the Ali Xhetani middle school in the village of Zenisht, Mat, which provides services to 200 students from five regional villages, which are: Shoshaj, Mallunxe and Myze e Xhetanit. Through your help and assistance you have improved their educational facilities, so they can learn in a positive educational environment. 


We were able to build a wall around the school, which has prevented the possibility of further road accidents. The reconstruction faze of the school included the installment of gutters, new waste water and clean water installations, the plastering of the walls and the repainting of the interior and exterior of the school in its entirety. We also put in electric installations and replaced old windows. We were able to buy new school banks, tables and provide the teaching staff printers and scanners.


31 March 2014

Opening Speech of the inauguration of the reconstruction of the Gjalish school, Mat, Albania.

Dear Students, parents and teachers

It is with great pleasure that I join you today for the inauguration of the full reconstruction of the Gjalisht School. This gift comes as a beginning of the Queen Gerldine foundation, which is a symbol of love, sacrifice and commitment towards our people. Our Queen loved all the Albanian people, especially those of the Mat, one of which she found her love.
The Albanian Royal family remains active to protect this tradition and through the support of the foundation make possible the realization of our dreams in making this region once again prosperous.


This is the first step of the Queen Gerldine foundation of which I am privileged to lead, and it isn’t by coincidence that this step is made in the field of education helping our youngest. We believe fully that you dear kids, whilst learning as much as possible, whilst valuing our nations history, loving books and your teachers, will build a happy future for you and future generations to come.


Beautiful things are realized through good hearted humanitarians. All this reconstruction would not have been possible without the support of the International University of Tirana and Mr. Admir Mulaj, who as soon as he saw the conditions of this school did not hesitate for one second to come to its aid. He merits our acknowledgement and our thanks. I wish you from the heart success and let God bless you.
I would like to hand the floor to Mr. Admir Mulaj, who is now a friend of every family in Gjalisht.


President of the Queen Geraldine foundation
Elia Zaharia

28 September 2013

Food assistance for the Bajram (Eid) Festivities

The Queen Geraldine foundation first activity was in the village of Lis, giving food packages to families with social assistance, for the Eid festivities. This first project was kindly sponsored by the Embassy of Kuwait in Albania.

Ndihma ne Lis