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03 June 2015

Elia Zaharia visites Kosova

Elia Zaharia visits Prishtina, interviews and social events during her stay to Kosova's capital city.

Elia zaharia successfully completed an official visit to Prishtina, Kosova, where she had a number of social and media activities.
Miss Zaharia was invited to give a keynote motivation speech on the 29th of May at TEDx Pristine on philanthropy and National dignity. 

On the first of June, Miss Zaharia visited the Maternity ward in Prishtina with a focus on premature birth. Elia Zaharia is a honorary member of the board of the “foundation for mothers and children” which has completed a number of projects in this sector of health.

During her stay in the Kosoven capital city, Elia Zaharia was invited to give a number of interviews including RTV’s “Tonight with Berat Miftarin” and KTV’s humoristic program “Oxygen” where she was welcomed by interviewer Besim Dina.

She was also interviewed by the news paper “Koha Ditore” and did a collection of photos for the cover of “Flatra Magazine”, where she promoted clothing by fashion designers Blerina Kllokoqi Rugova, Flutura Dedinja, Krenare Rugova aswell as Njomeza Luci . Elia Zaharia also made a special visit to each of the designers work shops where she chose personally each item of clothing for this fashion edition which will be the front cover of the July edition of Flatra.