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01 September 2016

88 year anniversary of the Monarchy

The Albanian Royal Court celebrated the 88 anniversary of the creation of the Monarchy by launching a two year cultural and heritage program, in conjunction with Pro Democracy.

The Albanian Royal Court is extremely honored to announce that on the occasion of 88th anniversary of the Albanian Monarchy, The Albanian Royal Family officially announced a two year cultural program in conjunction with Pro Democrat, a political consulting firm. Our team has identified 9 unique projects, each representing a decade of the 90 years of the Monarchy.

The projects will cover a number of initiatives: from educational bursaries, book publications, creation of a Royal Museum, an artistic film and the founding of a Ladies Club.

The Albanian Royal Family would like to Thank Mr. Henri Cilin for his support and keen attention.

The Albanian Royal Court  would also like to thank Congressman Elliot Engel and Mr.Harry Bajraktar, who were both guests of honor.