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05 April 2016

Hungerian Presidential visit

The First Lady of Hungary, Mrs. Anita Ader, visits the Albanian Royal Mausoleum, during the state visit of the President of Hungary to Albania.

 During the Official State visit of the President of Hungary to Albania, HRH Crown Prince Leka and Miss Elia Zaharia greeted the first lady of Hungary, Mrs. Anita Ader and the first lady of Albania, Mrs. Odeta Nishani at the Royal Mausoleum in Tirana. During their homage at the Mausoleum in Honor of Queen Geraldine of the Albanians Prince Leka gave the following speech:

"It is a profound honor to thank you for remembering my late grandmother Queen Geraldine today. Queen Geraldine personified the meaning of love, she was a symbol of harmony and beauty. A link between two nations, a Hungarian by birth and the Queen of the Albanians in life.

Queen Geraldine dedication her life to her adopted nation although she only lived in Albania for one year as a newly married bride. On this date the 5th of April 1939 Queen Geraldine gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The fascists deliberately invaded Albania two days later... And Geraldine almost lost her life exhausted trying to flee the invading Italian forces.

She continued to stand with pure conviction with her husband during the years in exile, and upon the death of her husband she took up the duties of the family in assisting her young son in the fight for Albanian liberation from the clutches of a communist Albania.

In 2002, Queen Geraldine was finally officially invited by the Albanian Government to return home after more than fifty years of forced exile. On her return she publicly stated that she could now die in peace, later that year she passed away.

Through out her life my grandmother spoke of her love for Hungary, the happy years of her youth in the Appony region and the atmosphere of beautiful Budapest. The pride and historical dedication of her ancestors in the fight for Hungarian strength and honor. I am deeply proud of my Hungarian blood and I hope that Queen Geraldine will continue to be a reference of the love and friendship that our two nations share."