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05 August 2015

100 Year Annuversary of Queen Geraldine

100 Year Annuversary of the Birth of HM Queen Geraldine of the Albanians, will be celebrated in Tirana, Hungary and Slovakia You are invited to Join the Royal Family during this Jubilee, with friends and family.

Royal family in the villa of Durrres.

TIRANA, Albania: 6 August

-Royal Mausoleum will be open for visitors from 11am until 12am.

-18:00: A special mass will be given at the Tirana Cathedral.

All participants are invited to join us in celebrating the memory of HM Queen Geraldine.

Slovakia, Appony/Oponice 6th of August

The Hungarian Social and Cultural association in Slovakia will be hosting a series of events in Dolné Obdokovce/Alsóbodok and Oponice/Appony, near Nitra.
The scheduled activities will be:

15:00 Visit to Apponyi Castle and its world famous Library in Oponice/Appony

Two Great Albanian Queens, Queen Susan and the Queen Mother

17:00 Catholic mass at St John the Baptist Church in Dolnè Obodkovce/Alsóbodok.

18:00 A presentation of the life, personality and activities of Her Majesty Geraldine Apponyi, by Historian Sàndor Fehér.

18:30 Inauguration ceremony of the memorial of Her Majesty.

HUNGARY, Budapest

Tuesday the 8th of September at 18:00 author Joséphine Dedet will present her newly published Hungarian edition biography "Geraldine the Queen of the Albanians" which will be Hosted by the publishing house "Europa Köntvkiadó" in Budapest, Hungary.

Address: Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum Károlyi utca 16. Budapest, Hungary 1053

It would be our pleasure if you would join us with family and friends in celebrating Queen Geraldine's 100 Jubilee Birthday. In memory of the incredible love that Queen Geraldine shared for her cherished Hungary and her beloved Albania.